Ep. 12 – Sisterhood & Service: Delta Sigma Theta, Inc.

Episode Summary– Do you really know all that the Delta Sigma Theta sorority does?  HBCUbiquity’s host Thomas Joyner Jr. talks in depth with Beverly Smith, the current Delta president, who will reveal some details about current and upcoming programs, scholarships and projects.  


  • DST Education Initiatives
  • Why access to higher education is important to the sorority
  • “You can’t be what you can’t see”
  • In 2018, Delta Sigma Theta provided approx. $5 million in scholarship to young people who completed almost 80,000 hours of community service
  • 3 Education Initiatives: Delta Academy, Delta Gems, and Embodi
  • Education development programs are for the whole community, not just Delta children
  • Delta Academy is named after DST member, Dr. Betty Shabazz
  • Target Programs for HBCUs
  • Delta HBCU presidents at Alabama State University, Spelman College, Bennett College, Lincoln University of PA, and Delaware State University
  • Did you know: All of Beverly Smith’s children and their spouses went to Florida A&M University!
  • DST Sensational 7 in US Congress
  • Delta Days has continued for 30 years as the ladies flood the US capital in red.
  • Beverly Smith on new recruits, “They have more savvy, sass, and smarts”

HBCUs mentioned in this episode: Howard University, Tuskegee University, Dillard University, Xavier University, Grambling University, Florida A&M University, Alabama State University, Spelman College, Bennett College, Lincoln University of PA, and Delaware State University


Beverly Evans Smith is the 2017-2019 National President & CEO for Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., one of the nation’s largest minority female-owned and operated public service non-profits. She also served as the organization’s National First Vice President, National Secretary and was previously employed as Delta Sigma Theta’s Executive Director.

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