Ep. 11 – Financing College: 529 Plans

Episode Summary –  Financing a college education is no joke. HBCUbiquity’s host Thomas Joyner Jr. breaks down what a “529 Plan” is and how you can take advantage of it. His guests in this episode are Judy Cunningham, PR manager for Ohio’s 529 College Savings Plan and Dr. John Rudley, past president of Texas Southern University.  


  • 529 plan- a systematic way of saving for college/ higher learning
  • 529 benefits many middle-class families that do not qualify for different grants
  • This savings plan has tax advantages because they are tax free unless not used for higher learning.
  • The original 529 plans started in the 90s when school had pre-paid tuition plans. 
  • Difference in risk behind the original 529 plan and current ‘savings’ plan
  • Recently Congress made the 529 plan available to be used at private institutions as well
  • Things to consider before choosing a plan outside of your home state.
  • HBCUs receive same benefits from 529 plans
  • What it would mean if college tuition was free

HBCUs Mentioned in this episode: Texas Southern University


Judy Cunningham is the PR manager of 529 Ohio plan at College Advantage. She is also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. 

Dr. John Rudley is a former President of Texas Southern University (TSU), one of the largest public HBCUs in the nation, located in Houston, Texas. He is also a licensed Certified Public Accountant. He received his doctoral degree from HBCU, Tennessee State University.


Twitter: @Ohio529Plan
Facebook: @collegeadvantage

Dr. Rudley Instagram: @drjohnrudley

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