Ep. 009 – HBCU College Prep (Part 1)

Episode Summary – Are you a parent of a child or have a loved one preparing to head off to college? Do you have all the information you need to apply for financial aid? Does your college-bound child know what to expect before they head off to campus? Or how to succeed during that first year? HBCUbiquity’s host Thomas Joyner Jr. talks to Dr. Anika Simone Johnson, an academic counselor at the University of Rochester, who offers several important and practical college prep and survival tips.  Morgan McMillan, assistant director of the Office Financial Literacy at Indiana University, offers parents and students several steps they can take to get the dollars they need to pay for that college tuition.


  • Navigating & Maximizing the return to school
  • Transitional barriers: Class, Cultural, and Connection
  • What is a healthy course load for freshmen? 15-19 credits
  • When to and what are some considerations for changing majors
  • “The first year is for exploring”
  • How to connect on campus
  • Uncommon knowledge about FASFA
  • 5 things first-generation students need to know
  • Why your college credits may not transfer
  • Benefits of using your local and school library
  •  Do’s & Don’t for loan application
  • Money talks with your parents
  • Identify needs for your sense of wellness
  • Inside and out of WorkStudy
  • Advice for non-traditional students


Dr. Anika Simone is currently an academic advisor at the University of Rochester. She runs a first-generation mentorship program to guide students with academic and career goals, financial literacy, and entrepreneurial leadership.

Morgan McMillan is the Assistant Director of Finacial Literacy at Indiana University located in Bloomington, Indiana. She promotes the student financial wellness program on her campus called IU MoneySmarts.


Dr. Johnson Instagram: @mentorfirstgen ; @dr.j.beauty

Dr. Johnson Facebook: Anika Simone Johnson

Morgan McMillan Twitter: @IUMoneySmarts


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