Ep. 008 – Mental Health Challenges

Episode Summary – What are the most important issues facing HBCU students today? It’s beyond academic requirements, cost to attend or student loans. Kellie M. Dixon, director of student affairs assessment and staff development at North Carolina A&T University and Dr. Annelle Primm, a psychiatrist and senior medical advisor for the Steve Fund, share their insights about mental health challenges for students at HBCUs and PWIs with Thomas Joyner Jr. , host of the show and president and CEO of the Tom Joyner Foundation.


  • “It’s not just one person’s position to handle mental health issues”
  • Mental health issues unique to black males at HBCUs
  • Understand who you are for yourself- not what society says
  • What is ‘Imposter Syndrome’
  • Spirituality in relation to mental health
  • “Faculty (at HBCUs) is here to help students become better versions of themselves in whatever capacity”
  • Obstacles that first-generation students face
  • Programs at NCAT addressing mental health
  • Students of color have the universal stresses of coming to age as well as societal burdens
  • Mental health students of color at PWI schools versus students at HBCUs
  • Is social media a helper or hindrance?
  • Types of support available

HBCUs Mentioned in this Episode: North Carolina A&T, Howard School of Medicine, Xavier University of Louisiana


Dr. Kellie Dixon is a certified life coach, consultant, and educator. She currently serves as the Director of Student Affairs Assessment and Student Affairs at North Carolina A&T. She is also the co-host of

Dr. Annelle B. Primm is a psychiatrist and senior medical adviser to the Steve Fund. This Howard Medical School alumna is also a medical educator, lecturer, clinician, and editor of books, Disparities in Psychiatric Care and Women in Psychiatry: Personal Perspectives. 


Dr. Dixon Twitter: @misskellie_1

Dr. Primm Twitter: @aprimm2317

Dr. Primm LinkedIn

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